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The 160 acres of rolling woodlands are home to deer, foxes, reptiles, amphibians, and numerous species of birds. With so much to see and so many programs and activities to do, it is no wonder people are rediscovering Rum Village!


✓ An aerial challenge park is essentially a series of obstacle courses in the trees.

✓ Each course increases in height and obstacle difficulty.

✓ Climbers choose their courses and climb at their own pace, ensuring a fun challenge that matches their own individual skill and level of comfort.

✓ Climbers move over, under, and through the various obstacles – or elements – on each course.

✓ The feeling of having conquered and overcome a challenge is a meaningful experience that climbers never forget!

✓ Sharing an adventure with friends and family isn’t just incredibly fun – it also builds relationships, teamwork, and creates memories that last forever!


Bachelor day! Had an amazing time.

"I took my son and family and friends for a bachelor day. It was an absolute blast! While I was the one that is terrified of heights I liked it so much that My wife bought me a season pass for next year looking forward to a great work out at least once a week all next year."

– Len C. · Tripadvisor
Great challenge and workout.

"The aerial adventure was a fantastic way to spend an hour or so. There are multiple levels of difficulty. I am 61 and am reasonably active and found level one to be exhilarating. The second tier challenge had moments that definitely made my heart rate zoom. It was awesome and I will be back. The cost could be a tad more affordable, but it was worth the investment"

– Patrick · Tripadvisor
Great time on the course

"We were there on a family birthday celebration for our 12 yr old grandson plus family members. All had fun. Ages included 9, 10, 12, 21, and early 40's. As 70+ aged grandparents we stayed on the ground! All had a great time. Staff was quite helpful and seemed happy to be there making it a positive adventure."

– Patricia K. · Tripadvisor
Great Group Activity

"We booked a 2 hour birthday party for about a dozen adults (co-workers) and one 10 year old. Most of us were able to do 3 courses during that time frame. Everyone had a great time and we are already talking about going back. It was 88 degrees outside, but very tolerable under the trees."

– Amanda S. · Tripadvisor
Spectacular! Challenging, fun, exciting and good for all ages.

"I was blown away by how good this ropes course is! We took two twelve year old boys and three adults. While we were there, we saw children of all ages and even some senior citizens doing the course (one with a staff member assisting very professionally). This is a can't miss if you are driving through or staying anywhere close. Amazing photos!"

– Brandon M. · Tripadvisor