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Koteewi Aerial Park is our original location, located just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis. Featuring 5 treetop trails consisting of 60 challenges and ziplines, Koteewi is guaranteed to provide thrills and fun for everyone at every skill level!


The Koteewi Park location is officially closed for the 2021 season!  We will reopen the first weekend of May for the 2022 season.

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✓ An aerial challenge park is essentially a series of obstacle courses in the trees.

✓ Each course increases in height and obstacle difficulty.

✓ Climbers choose their courses and climb at their own pace, ensuring a fun challenge that matches their own individual skill and level of comfort.

✓ Climbers move over, under, and through the various obstacles – or elements – on each course.

✓ The feeling of having conquered and overcome a challenge is a meaningful experience that climbers never forget!

✓ Sharing an adventure with friends and family isn’t just incredibly fun – it also builds relationships, teamwork, and creates memories that last forever!


1st time ziplining.

"the staff was fantastic and we had a blast! They took us step by step for our initial training and they were never too far away when we had questions or if we needed help getting from one obstacle to the next thank you for a fantastic first time out. We can't wait for next year to visit again!"

– bellylaughter19 · Tripadvisor
Great fun

"Took my 11 yr old and we accomplished 3 courses in a bit over 2 hours. The guides/employees are very kind. They make sure you do the easier courses first. The hardest blue course is hard but manageable for those somewhat physically fit. My daughter really enjoyed herself."

– Julie C. · Tripadvisor
Ropes course is fun

"I found the ropes course challenging but not impossible. It was a great way to get exercise and challenge myself on a summer day. The staff were kind told me what to do. I felt safe. If I went by myself, but I think taking your family or going with a small group is the best way of doing it. I love the sense of accomplishment when I finish a course."

– Rhonda J. · Tripadvisor
So Fun!

"Took a group of 4 teens. None of them had zip lined before. They had a blast! There are different courses with varying levels of difficulty. Different obstacles to cross. Parents can watch from the ground. Just be sure to bring insect repellent since you’re in the woods and mosquitoes are present. Great time - can’t wait to go back!"

– aarc1823 · Tripadvisor
Took a rookie ziplining.

"What I like about Edge Adventure is the courses have different difficulty levels so the youngsters or new zippers can enjoy the easier courses while the experienced can do some tough courses. We are annual members and never get board.check it out!"

– Suzanne P. · Tripadvisor