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Quick Details

Guest of Honor Ages 7+
Additional Person Ages 7+

Make Your Next Birthday Memorable!

Our staff is available to help you plan the perfect birthday party! Parties are available for people starting at age 7. Young or old, you’re sure to have the best day ever!

What’s Included

  • The ziplining and obstacle course climbing activity
  • A picnic table and pavilion (Bring your own food, get delivery from a local restaurant, or buy our convenient snack and drink items.)
  • A unique, self-guided experience
  • Non-climbing chaperones are free.

What is an Aerial Adventure Park?

  • An aerial challenge park is essentially a series of obstacle courses in the trees.
  • Each course increases in height and obstacle difficulty.
  • Climbers choose their courses, and climb at their own pace, ensuring a fun challenge that matches their own individual skill and level of comfort.
  • Climbers move over, under, and through the various obstacles – or elements – on each course.
  • The feeling of having conquered and overcome a challenge is a meaningful experience that climbers never forget!
  • Sharing an adventure with friends and family isn’t just incredibly fun – it also builds relationships, teamwork, and creates memories that last forever!

In Order for Your Whole Party to Participate

All Climbers Must:

  • Be at least 7 years old
  • Weigh between 40 – 275 lbs
  • Be able to reach up to a height of at least 66 inches

Top Tips for a Fun Visit

  • Double-check the height/weight requirements prior to booking.
  • Sign your waiver online prior to your arrival.
  • Be sure to dress comfortably and for the weather.
  • Start on an easy course and work your way up.
  • Relax and have fun on your adventure!