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Our Deep River Aerial Park is located in the wooded area directly behind the Deep River Water Park, overlooking the lazy river.

The latest addition to the Edge Adventures family of aerial parks, it features over 50 challenging treetop obstacles and ziplines that provide thrills for everyone at every skill level. Deep River also features Edge’s FIRST kid’s park with elements closer to the ground.

Along with 5 aerial courses, this location has two unique adventures: a zipline-only trail and a children’s course, designed for ages 4-7.


✓ An aerial challenge park is essentially a series of obstacle courses in the trees.

✓ Each course increases in height and obstacle difficulty.

✓ Climbers choose their courses and climb at their own pace, ensuring a fun challenge that matches their own individual skill and level of comfort.

✓ Climbers move over, under, and through the various obstacles – or elements – on each course.

✓ The feeling of having conquered and overcome a challenge is a meaningful experience that climbers never forget!

✓ Sharing an adventure with friends and family isn’t just incredibly fun – it also builds relationships, teamwork, and creates memories that last forever!


75 yrs. old - never did anything like this before! Challenging but fun.

"Variety of challenges, EXCELLENT STAFF - VERY HELPFUL. i actually had some built-in help: my son who does these courses for a living did the course with me! Also had several grandchildren (middle school, elementary, and pre-school) who did the respective courses and all had a great time!"

– Frank R. · Tripadvisor

"We brought five teens (ages 14-15 ) and they had an amazing time. They took breaks in between the various courses as I waited for them by a picnic table with lots of water and a packed lunch. It was a very hot day but most of the course is in the shade so they all did well as long as they stayed hydrated. The staff were kind and helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend this outing!"

– Amy S. · Tripadvisor
Family of 6

"My husband and I took the three hour adventure with our kids ranging from 13 to 23...challenging for all involved, but we all made it through each course and had fun cheering each other along the way. Also, loved the zip line course as a needed cool down break in between."

– Family of 6 · Tripadvisor
Best in the Region!

"Such a challenging ropes course! They have different courses for different skill levels. The harder ones are HARD! I felt super safe with the very well designed safety gear. Even with my fear of heights. The staff are very friendly and helpful. What an experience!"

– Poleczar. · Tripadvisor
Raining but amazing

"It was absolutely one of the best outing I ever been to. Even with the slight rain it was totally worth it. The staff was awesome and encouraging. Sally handled everything for me ,including my reservations. I will be going back soon. Thanks for making my Mother’s Day weekend exciting."

– Oguntomi22 · Tripadvisor